25million IDPs in Africa.

                      if  someones sickle cell anemia repaired thru gene editing,

                     that person needs to own their own blood and bone marrow

                                      IDP is not short for IntellectualProperty®

                                                keith haring wrote in chalk


       The UN’s 1997  Universal Declaration on The Human Genome and Human Rights

(article4 “The Human Genome in its natural state should not give rise to financial gains”)

                  was written in ink 6yrs before the gene was completely mapped.


   my godot story is different. ( obviously ) the paris agreement uses the word should.

                               i am The Fortunate Truth. i am Godot The Eskimo

                     Nude Spotlight on Dancing Stickman Sailor is a genius nod to Marcel Duchamp

           the earth’s rotation is slowing, as the moon gradually drifts farther away.

                                    that’s one of the factors of ClimateChange®


             unlike  today’s digital media version of  the 1700’s french cordeliers,,

                                                                 i find a different course,

            when today the beach front coastal properties of Yemen, Somalia and Nigeria

                              are somehow seeing 10s of millions at risk of starvation.

  why are people are forced to adhere to the non-essential topics propagated on ‘social media’,

financially backed by Entertainment giants Rizvi Traverse Management, Avoiding News .. etc?

               it is more of the climate of a violent video game that is causing starvation

         i dont believe in that type of toxic programming to fruitfully “spark debate” ..

                 it’s more destructive than constructive.. it wastes time and lives

   The TEDtalks of Harvard might justify it as progress in Technology,Entertainment & Design..

           but i see it as the biggest atrocity to humankind in the history of the world



       what does microsoft’s term “digital geneva convention” imply ?https://ihl-databases.icrc.org/applic/ihl/ihl.nsf/vwTreaties1949.xsphttps://ihl-databases.icrc.org/applic/ihl/ihl.nsf/Treaty.xsp?documentId=4825657B0C7E6BF0C12563CD002D6B0B&action=openDocumentshapeimage_3_link_0
how do you define “computing” ?http://instagram.com/GaydraculaFoundationhttp://instagram.com/GaydraculaFoundationshapeimage_4_link_0

       should instruction be considered an unspoken sea of complexities

           or the process of teaching an amalgamation of simplicities?

                                 the climate has been changing every moment for the last 4.5 billion years.

                       the cast and crew of harvard and harry potter can worship bill gates’ “hit refresh” tweets

                 all they want.. but i wouldnt want any of the 65 million refugees living in digital-war-torn-squalor

                           to believe they need to read that type of acquired insensitivity to better the world

                           $85 billion dollars can cause a lot of problems. it can buy the unwavering devotion

                           of every violent video game playing late night talk show host for the next 50 years

                                                  ...or it’s enough to give each refugee $1200 once.

        65 million could live off $1200 for at least 3 years.  almost 100% of humans know bill wont make that happen.

                  it’s not rocket science: once bill saw his logo on 10s of 100 million products,, he got addicted to fame..

.                could bill gates be bill gates at a party if he gave all but a penny of his money to the Red Cross tomorrow?

                                                               would bill gates be capable of doing extraordinary things


                                                                                               with_a_penny ?


                       if silicon vallley  originated in Angola,,

would everybody in california be swimming for canada next week?

         how intelligent is any harvard person whom goes to extreme lengths to make sure that the fact of a

film crew that received 24 months probation in 2013 for their role in the death of Aiyana Jones showing up at my

   house and asking to me sign some un-called for document (that was posted at facebook.com/internettzar )

                                    to make it legal to wreck my yard doesnt show up on the internet?

how long will they try to convince themselves

that the question above doesnt exist either?

  would you want to hire a person like that to serve

         food in a community college cafeteria?

        should i print this page out and send a signed copy

to steven pinker to place next to the human skull on his shelf?

does a legacy program of favored admission ever lead itself to a be

            a stagnated regime of academia standing on eggshells?

what is the threshold of when the so called #1 university in the world unable to educate itself?

to propose “why does everyone think that...” is a dangerous assumption..pinker should know better..i taught a guy whom got a scholarship from yale art school yesterday. and come to think of it.. i told him i’d call him today to play music.. i almost forgot..i told him i might enjoy my first alcohol beverage of the year with him, a bloody mary using 2oz of al instead of vodka that i named The Princess Prudely.if you want to play music with th ebartender, ask for one.. but before i go,, let me give you an example of an intelligent question that isnt a blanket statement,, nor does it involve an inaccurate & dangerous assumption..

does a legacy program of favored admission ever lead itself to a be a stagnated regime of academia standing on eggshells?

both of our posts have the word does in it.. but what is the deeper more significant difference? im not setting a time limit for this question.. at some point i might read the responses  from those whom are tweeting for godot on the playboy ad sponsored facebook and twitter webpages . it’s really not important if vlad putin and his communist comrades have much to do with those sites, unless youre trying to sell american products.if that’s the case, you can say it’s those dang ruskies causing all the polarization (or what ever the ization with more dang menacing factors than the alpha 1 is called in this ever changing day and age of wacky online merchantry) ..but i wouldnt blame the ruskies.. i know better...the author of pinker’s column needs to understand that his and all dogs are bi polar..  the man went from being a reasonable kant to a loose cannon-esque-thoreau in the blink of an eye..the man aged 70 years in a matter of a few paragraphs, then tries to justify his case for schmoozy think tank lobbying to run the country with a date of 1922..the man said radical?.  i built a artbomb across social media with aiyana jones’ grandmother that will help people and not hurt people.. that’s radical..mickey mouse cant teach you how to do that... its like a modern day ark of the covenant story..but grandma jones and i wont sacrifice their oxen when the truth of the ark is carted back to us; we will feast on justice..  anyway.. why does he say 5 is relatively easier to achieve than 3?.relative to what?? if 4 could be unattainable ( dot dot dot )? the knowledge of number 5 cant exist as knowledge without 3,  it’s a silk-screened t-shirt without 3- aka the word of ThinkTank on the door.it’s kind of like ..he knows that..it’s not What you know but How you know.. pinker’s think tank buddy needs to move his thinktank to a duplex in detroit  ..the power is in the minds of all people,, not in the giftwrapped ‘suggestions’ of schmoozy-thinktank-lobbyists.. most people cant afford a self driving car, a booze problem, and a dream of one day getting a spiffy new liver genetically engineered from the bottom of a sea urchin.. and he expects me to wait a week to read him go on about why my manichaean coffee maker should only make cold coffee? there is Polarized Politics (noun) and Political Polarization which is more of a  (verb)...what if he would have said ‘Polarized politics waxes and wains’ instead of “political polarization waxes and wains”.. what if i methodically applied the principles of Descartes’ ‘ball of wax‘ to both statements..his article seems to be almost a subtle introduction for his desire for techno-autocracy and the low down methods to achieve it. do we have some trouble making magicians causing a ruckus on the tax payers dime in the lobby? who voted them in? ..and pinker wants to ask why maceo thinks a film company is evil when the ‘current autocracy’ has been programed to say it’s not? im going to give pinker different material to read over the weekend, @bbc, i dont give detention..pinker needs to stop playing the techno-damsel in techno-distress calling out on twitter to his prop of a techno-knight in techno-armor and try to educate the people about the reasoning behind his pseudo-typo of “people political opinions”..it’s time for social-media reform on pinker’s twitter page.. i wont stop demanding reform until the hyphen is omitted from social-media. pinker might like the division in social-media,, but i dont... maceo dr peewee and fred love to  teach while playing gigs to make a living. they shouldnt have to put up with some wrong 50million dollar movie that makes it harder for them to eat & teach. .no one will learn how to play a type of music that changed the world with harmony by watching some 50million dollar fake news movie..  in next weeks lesson,, i will explain why a tweet of 1+2=3 is much more respected than a tweet of 10 too many emojis and a link. the front row seat will be reserved for you, @bbc.. do i need to remind you that open-toed shoes are not permitted? steel toe boots are not required. pinker wont have the security of your intellectual luxury, @bbc .. you and i wont need to look farther than his subversive tweet to assure ourselves that it’s not your appearance that makes you the teachers pet .. let’s review minutes 10-11 in a book tour speech by pinker . it is quite curious.. he has amazed himself by discovering that throwing an odorless colorless invisible wrench into the works has the same effect as throwing a optic orange chanel # 5 wrench into the works..how is this possible, @bbc ?  cuz it’s still a wrench. should the guy throwing the wrench no one can see into the works get in the same amount of trouble as the guy throwing the optic orange chanel # 5 wrench into the works ? obviously. but some defective law probably says no... grandma jones and i are insulted by those techno-billionaires  suggesting we threw an invisible wrench in the works of social-media..and we are more than prepared to take it to the highest court in the land to prove our undeniable guilt of throwing an optic orange chanel #5 wrench into the works of social-media..let’s look at it this way, @bbc..if he is a psychologist, pinker should be more against violent video games by doing a TEDtalks , book or a tweet on it.. is he scared of being dropped from the bill gates summer reading list? i’m not, ..POP QUIZ, @bbc .. who is GREAT.?. teribelle swiftsword is on his Beyond The Conditioning of a Microcosm Tour.. bill knows that.  he gets a √- and has to read the MIT online archive backwards (from 1992-today) over the weekend and tell me why it turned into a coffee commercial in 3 words or less on monday..they’re running out of ways to cram the word ‘expert’ into a sentence on that page.. the latest is “ an independent committee of experts” without a link.. experts in what? that’s a very astute question, @bbc.. they’ve lost autonomy, today’s MIT webpage tweets for godot in 1400 words of native-advertising for investors..($400k)...In these new times of The Glorious Age of Grannybot, americans expect better education out of Harvard and MIT. it’s looking more like Warren Buffets NightSchool® of Ethno-Genetic Cleansing at those two online dumps ..on tuesday, bill will have to explain why they are using the term “correct copy”  in that article instead of the word version or alteration when heinrich himmler is dead. .why not use the word mutated alteration?  ‘cause.. it’s an inherited gene, corrected is not proven for long term ( it says that in the article ) a 27 out of 29 (93%) ‘success rate’ in a particular test group cant be applied globally. it’s a 7% failure rate in that group. ($70m out of $1000m). when is the insurance company billed? in 2025? thats bill’s assignment for WEDNESDAY  .it’s CRISPRmania!! there are said to be 13  types of Leber congenital amaurosis.. that article gives the impression that there’s only one.( the NOAA can put it in simple life terms) . actually, the MIT article with “pioneering” in the sub-title might be more of a Red Bull commercial painted in the style of the impressionist era (1800’s).perhaps the FDA should listen to experts in the year 2035. or make the ‘treatment’ reasonably administered and priced without wrecking the whole dang healthcare system for everybody...i  dont want the refugees or 25m IDPs in africa even reading the title of pinker’s Enlightenment Now or Horse Trading Now or whatever it’s called..the IDPs are in a  position of saying.. i dont have any Equus ferus or equity now.... u see, @bbc?..educating the microcosm of screen confined media from my position in the macrocosm is the intelligent thing to do ( grandma jones agrees )..changing the humancannonball to match the humans in the town to sell tickets is not science, i wouldnt do it.. truth is in my cannon..and truth is universally respected . i dont need to sell tickets..(obviously). that’s innovation.. im not saying some shouldnt sell tickets..i didnt ask for kirkstall road productions to show up wanting in my yard, nor did grandma jones... the color of grandma jones hair is not relevant .the color of my hair is not relevant. we dont have to have matching hair for it to be relevant.we dont need to have an acclaimed body of work or work of body to be relevant..the critically acclaimed kirkstall road productions shouldnt be selling tickets.. i am Raoul Hausmann and i am Tristan Tzara ....and we are innovation in teamwork..anyway ..was pinker trying to cast the idea that only underemployed professors can be dangerous?..agreed, @bbc..it would be a mistake if he was..the link in his 10 too many emojis tweet talks about professors whom appear to be run-of-the-twit-mill tweeters..

i dont play world of warcraft or angry birds.

it might just be me, but i think the question is..

between what wave is the fastest speed of light? and then im like.. i didnt say waves.. grannybot? why didnt you say waves.. and then im like.. good question.. maybe it’s because its not between anything past the first one.

yes,  it looks like space thunder.

                                                               Chirping in Bonpo Arts


do you think the best question you need to ask your self when driving the speed  limit of 65 miles an hour with 2 feet of visibility is.. is what im doing legal?

or does the better question have nothing to do with a written law?

post post script .. pinker can be a good kid.. but i feel his need to impress people on  some kind of digital playboy site might be hindering his ability to educate.


 PS https://ihl-databases.icrc.org/applic/ihl/ihl.nsf/Treaty.xsp?documentId=4825657B0C7E6BF0C12563CD002D6B0B&action=openDocument