well, u have to admit, @bezometer ...

                               happy hanukkah , tal wilkenfeld.

                                   ( i kno u play a sadowsky )

                                            not a kaczynski,,

                            which isnt the case w/ buffalo bill & mel gates

cuz this holiday season, when Bob VonDylan barges in on The Human Menorah at the rock,

he wont (no no no) “break bread” w/The LowDown PistolPackin RhymeSlinger, he will pour him a double malt & hand him a cig.

earlier this evening, i turned to the barrister, while a nerve-wracking christmas song was playing and asked..

                did he just sing “ im gonna round me up some jesus and throw him on the grill? “ ..and the barrister was all.. “huh?”

  so what the heck did u learn at harvard law school..eh? at least there is one supreme court justice from harvard

                                                       who testified before congress that they will  find her in a chinese restaurant on christmas.

              it is a relief to know that harvard doesnt only produce unabombers.. but the ratio could use improvement.