It’s Sabado Here

It’s Sabado Here


                    “The ATL welcomes  filmmakers ( other than a kirkstall road productions.. etc etc etc ) 
       we’d rather u roll into georgia to join us in pecan production. but if it has to be film, plz practice abstinence.
    the world has too many kirkstall road film makers as it is..and #TeamGrandmaJones says it isnt worth the chance


                                                                                ( of TeamGrandmaJones )

  “ Post Truth is nothing but a trend of NewsMedia’s current Hokeyness ”                                                                           

                                                                                                                                                Love always,

                  ( xBox billy’s bbc, reuters and nytimes?..  )                  
    They Tweet For Godot ...  

                      Gaydracula is Listening to Marcel Duchamp  
               ( while running a comb thru his long black eyebrow )  
                 PRIMP                    PRIMP                     PRIMP



im going to give myself a pat on the back for only being invested in myself.. im open to everything.
     perhaps mike should substitute the verb ‘dudes’ for “attacks” , tackles, hits and blasts etc ;,
   linguistic science, not violence. . #WorkToDo .. #GlideLikeMichaelJordan.




       Endocrinology, Volume 154, Issue 3, 1 March 2013, Pages 1282–1295,                             

                  edgar allan poe .. jan 19, 1809 - oct 7, 1849  

    @lnternettzar is throwing a party in 6 months to celebrate the 1yr anniversary of tery’s final tweet ..
                                        ( it will also coincide with @internettzara’s 8th birthday )
                                                       nobody from the NYTIMES is invited... 
                            that’s how #TeamGrandMaJones wants it... so that is how it is going to be..
weve deduced that mr baquet isnt capable of relinquishing his anti-science beliefs he gathered from his yrs in hokius honkywood  

                                Columbo Knows
BloombergMedia should understand that World of Warcraft & Halo2 isnt going to “Save The Planet”.   
    im thinking they do.. computing in the financial sector ( among others ) needs to be reliable.
 i guess he knows im NOT comfortable with a ‘winner’ of “The Horses for Sources  Disruption Award” 
            (The Mr & Mrs Espe and Gaydracula Spalding Foundation Honors Eric Dolphy)             
                                         not a patti smith album. 
 warlock mel’s microsoft & the pope shouldnt be establishing ethics for Artificial Intelligence.
                                                  in closing,
     the difference between the hokius computing of bing & safe computing is far too great of a divide..
   once computing is dedicated to calculating, it takes a lil over an hr to “Save The Planet” ..
                                              this is @Qualtaq. 
      another remarkable prophecy brought to you by Princess Quilt of Cork and Kerzis,,
    sometimes i see a little glimmer of trustworthy computing re appearing on the horizon..
 here comes softbank’s arm (risc) and the academicians of> 
there was one risc based ( arm ) computer in best buy last year, a low end google chromebook..
 a heck of a scientific computer for $400 ( samsung ) sometimes the low end stuf is better..
 i had to buy a new french press.. i got what was considered the low end one.. it’s much better.
        @geoscott would like it. and it’s not just because i talked to joey ramone once.
 i wouldnt even need to re-mention  The Sinatra of Punk when showing him the superior aspects of that press.
           They Tweet For Godot
                              hm.. something’s amiss here, @warrenbuffett .. 
                          give me a few seconds to evaluate @billgates’ tweets..
       i was on twitter for 10 years, when i was a kid.. u can count on me as an expert, WB.
           ( and p.s... is freaking out with their Very Special  Guest )
 those idiots got sulzberger in there ranting to show they can balance TheWorthlessConsortium 
    ( facing cinderblocks with words as stucco ).   oh.. is 600 a top shelf whiskey or something?


     oh .a hokius honkywood JPL url.. ( not random )            it’s all in chapter 3/31 
                     im going to give u a little bit of investment advice, WB..
       #NoToXboxGreed..and a big NO to warlock mel’s needle cruSADE

..       ..
   hm.. @ bbc, u have have an excellent command of distinguishing cute.. i like the honda e.
but 125m wont commute me to The ATL. the e’s tail lights are like the ‘65 honda s600. (606cc)
  the S is for SportsCar, @bbc ..are the new TopGearPeeps old enough to remember those?
the ‘15 nissan leaf i drove was nice.. it also had a 125m range (in 2015).. 1/2 charge in ‘19? 35m.
35m on 1/2 charge = i’d have to walk the last 15miles , if i had to get something from walmart.
the new Top Gear Peeps would have to say. “the E is splendid for a motor about to the pub”.
                                     yes, ive enjoyed a “Rom-Com” before ..
odd, reuters didnt mention (i quote) “humbled” boeing’s... in their “airshow” article.
       i’d guess hundreds of deaths would be more troubling than ‘humbling’  ( troubled boeing )
                 gosh.. im responsible for my tweets, not deaths. deaths would be troubling.
adler has never been a fan of the genius of kerzis..& yall had not one mention of hydro-flight..

                       boeing makes a heck of a hydrogen powered plane, @bbc 

                                                              i need to get something at walmart,
                       where i wont find the um.. NYTIMEs’ best-seller eric schmidt’s book

   ( ive never seen a scientist boasting about being on such a ridiculous and fictitious list. )       
heck.. lee harvey oswald is probably on that list for handing out Fair Play for Cuba pamphlets.                            
                                                                              They Tweet For Godot,

                                             oops.. i almost forgot;  
                                 Music For Prepared Twitter in C Major. 
  ( the music is in C Major.. click the pic for a listen,, while i put a comma after Twitter )

              @Kerzis Ices TheCuriousCake

 marketwatch says “the most”.regretted college majors are the humanities.

                             .but Twitch.TV Bezos and xBox Billy Tweet for Godot..


      so  ( after you get on your Foghorn Leghorn Slippers ) enjoy a lesson in journalism.
                           the (tax exempt) associated press’s model for news presentation is  
                                                        The Inverted Pyramid.     
   well.. if xBox billy believes his mind wants to worry..
   i sure the hell can understand why he chose to marry apollo mel and to be stuck on twitter.

    remove the word “apparent” ..    does it need to be there?           does @kerzis appear on bing?
    They Tweet For Godot
           (online now)
  why did Author of Lift’s little xBox billy “encourage” others to “fight”..  ?