It’s Sabado Here

It’s Sabado Here





           & The Cure .. .(video by Tim Pope... )

if The Grannybots ever have to hire a cymbal player.. it’ll be the cymbal player in this song.. .A+.

                    “The ATL welcomes  filmmakers ( other than a kirkstall road productions.. etc etc etc ) 
       we’d rather u roll into georgia to join us in pecan production. but if it has to be film, plz practice abstinence.

                                       ( i was born on the international stage, not a creepy bob dylan movie set)

             i wont worry if Author of Lift (xBox mel) chooses to be non inclusive and not “invite me to the table” 

                 but one has to wonder why  the voice of a sound @PhilosHafiz has no representation “at the table”



                                                                                ( of TeamGrandmaJones )


  “ Post Truth is nothing but a trend of Honkywood’s current Hokeyness ”
  anyway,, happy pride month  .. Best Shabadoo of Grannybot.Org has nothing against ms bullock or mr nicholson,,  personally..

                                                                                                                                                Love always,

    They Tweet For Godot
                        Gaydracula is Listening to Marcel Duchamp  
               ( while running a comb thru his long black eyebrow )  
                 PRIMP                    PRIMP                     PRIMP
                     i’d also like to thank the audubon society.. i’ll get the ladder tomorrow.. 
        im surprised it lived to today.. i surely wasnt going to move it yesterday. ( it was bloody )
 ( the mom and dad robin are taking turns in the sun and rain proof topiary turtle fort i built em )

             UPDATE.. momma robin was on the bird this morning ( it’s off getting worms now )
                 and all is well in another pair’s nest in a (rigid) boxwood about 50 feet away.
                                it’s time for coffee and contemplation.. and bird watching.

   one reason i like rothko’s Color Fields is because they dont need a frame.
                   it’s seems like he painted them not to be framed.
    he didnt even want to be framed as part of a color field artmovement
       ideologies are framed, often constrained.  gravity isnt a movie.
like Gaydracula always says.. if i had to choose between making a movie for $50 million orf buying a rothko,, id buy the rothko.
                     that’s one  reason he is The Genius of Gaydracula Himself.
         Hm. mike bloomberg’s tweets are projecting a violent tone of verbiage.
and i think he had a bit too much dylan in his coffee... he’s plagiarizing JFK..smh.
       he seems like he’s going to lose money if i dont march w him yelling about the weather..
   as truman capote once said... im just kidding.. ive never read a word of what truman capote said
      analyizing the tweets of  billionaire rock stars is one way i stay sharp.



                              #TheyTweetForGodot gets better with age...
      i feel the state of mental health on twitter will worsen when the Annihilate Oxygen campaign starts.
 im going to give myself a pat on the back for only being invested in myself.. im open to everything.
     perhaps mike should substitute the verb ‘dudes’ for “attacks” , tackles, hits and blasts etc ;,
   linguistic science, not violence. . #WorkToDo .. #GlideLikeMichaelJordan.

will bloomberg & dylan ever be afforded by the orderis of the hokius honky to join the 21st century
                         and the good timing scientific wiz kid known as Gaydracula Himself  ? 
              i doubt it.. historically, The Hokeycrucians wont permit anyone to escape their use .
 i have to wonder if Phil Spector is controlling them as his Sims characters from an xBox in prison

    @lnternettzar is throwing a party in 6 months to celebrate the 1yr anniversary of tery’s final tweet ..
                                        ( it will also coincide with @internettzara’s 8th birthday )
                                                       nobody from the NYTIMES is invited... 
                            that’s how #TeamGrandMaJones wants it... so that is how it is going to be..
weve deduced that mr baquet isnt capable of relinquishing his anti-science beliefs he gathered from his yrs in hokius honkywood  
        ( which means more Gaydraculan Crawdaddy Etouffee for us )
bloomberg media should understand that World of Warcraft & Halo2 isnt going to “Save The Planet”.
     @geoscott might be at odds with @grannybot there.. but he’s a freak, a total freak
    whom played bass on the only non synclavier computer song from 1984’s Jazz From Hell,,
                                                 St. Etienne
               ( i’ll give him that, for now..hehe,  sadly,, it’s one of my favorite ‘songs’ )             

                                                  in closing,
the polarization gap between hokius computing & scientific computing if far too great of a divide
 . once computing is dedicated to science.. it will take a lil over an hour to “Save The Planet” ..
      another remarkable prophecy brought to you by Princess Quilt of Cork and Kerzis,,
    sometimes i see a little glimmer of trustworthy computing re appearing on the horizon..
 here comes softbank’s arm (risc) and the academicians of> 
there was one risc based ( arm ) computer in best buy last year, a low end google chromebook..
 a heck of a scientific computer for $400 ( samsung ) sometimes the low end stuf is better..
 i had to buy a new french press.. i got what was considered the low end one.. it’s much better.
        @geoscott would like it. and it’s not just because i talked to joey ramone once.
 i wouldnt even need to re-mention  The Sinatra of Punk when showing him the superior aspects of that press.

           They Tweet For Godot

                              hm.. something’s amiss here, @warrenbuffett .. 
                          give me a few seconds to evaluate @billgates’ tweets..
       i was on twitter for 10 years, when i was a kid.. u can count on me as an expert, WB.
                               ( and p.s... is freaking out )

   hm.. amen, @ecosensenow ,, i have to say one misses my truck ( had it 20yrs since day one )
    but when one came home after it died,, and one found a hacksaw one left in the driveway, 
 one realized that general maintenance on the ol 250,000 mile dodge was too much to stay sane.
    i looked at and drove hybrids and fully electrics... but they aint ‘there’ yet.. range etc etc
 one car told me the speed limit on a road was 65 when it was 45 ( 35 in the 90 degree bend..)
                         it’s a good thing i learned how to drive on that road..
   i might be the only person i who could take that 90degree bend @ 65 & come out alive.
                           #Subtleties,,  i know a autonomous car couldnt do it.
so,, i settled for the am/fm radio and super heavy duty rubber floor mat manual trans options.
   whomever figured out the city/hwy mpg on that car couldnt drive a stick, im beating city by 30%
                                  1st to 3rd to 5th and chill at 1300 rpms
   hm.. @ bbc, u have have an excellent command of distinguishing cute.. i like the honda e.
but 125m wont commute me to The ATL. the e’s tail lights are like the ‘65 honda s600. (606cc)
  the S is for SportsCar, @bbc ..are the new TopGearPeeps old enough to remember those?
the ‘15 nissan leaf i drove was nice.. it also had a 125m range (in 2015).. 1/2 charge in ‘19? 35m.
35m on 1/2 charge = i’d have to walk the last 15miles , if i had to get something from walmart.
the new Top Gear Peeps would have to say. “the E is splendid for a motor about to the pub”.
               well.. im guessing the new TopGearPeeps will be grammatically tricky.
                                     yes, ive enjoyed a “Rom-Com” before ..
odd, reuters didnt mention (i quote) “humbled” boeing’s... in their “airshow” article.
       i’d guess hundreds of deaths would be more troubling than ‘humbling’  ( troubled boeing )
                 gosh.. im responsible for my tweets, not deaths. deaths would be troubling.
adler has never been a fan of the genius of kerzis..& yall had not one mention of hydro-flight..

                       boeing makes a heck of a hydrogen powered plane, @bbc 

                                                              i need to get something at walmart,
                       where i wont find the um.. NYTIMEs’ best-seller eric schmidt’s book

   ( ive never seen a scientist boasting about being on such a ridiculous and fictitious list. )       
heck.. lee harvey oswald is probably on that list for handing out Fair Play for Cuba pamphlets.
donald trump wouldnt want crazy al flying his plane.. but eric’s pilot is Ready Player spielberg .
                                                                              They Tweet For Godot,
                                             oops.. i almost forgot;  
                                 Music For Prepared @GeoScott in C Major. 
  ( the music is in C Major.. click the pic for a listen,, while i put a comma after @GeoScott )

@Strong1stGrader Ices TheCuriousCake
                   (with a bunch of folks absent from the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame)
happy father’s day, @geoscott.. ur kids have come a long way since listening to ur joe jackson records.
  this fathers day, please tell them im much cooler than you.. i saw him 5 times in the 80’s..
     who would be cooler playing vinnie zummo’s steinberger..? u cant question it, i would.
          furthermore ,,im guessing virgil would love my epic... is he still playing drums?
  if he plays left handed, he could play for joe jackson.. i think it’s one of JJ’s requirements.
      and with a name like virgil , im sure he can appreciate at least half of your tweets.
               either way ,,,enjoy some george benson on this blessed day,, daddy- o
   and  if u want to tell your kids you’d be cooler than me with graham maby’s bass,,,  ok.
           im feeling generous. well, u prolly would be cooler than me w/maby’s bass 
      so  ( after you get on your Foghorn Leghorn Slippers ) enjoy a lesson in journalism.

                               the (tax exempt) associated press’s model for news presentation   
                                                   is The Inverted Pyramid.  #TaxFreePress         
   well.. if xBox billy believes his mind wants to worry..
   i sure the hell can understand why he chose to marry apollo mel and to be stuck on twitter.

    remove the word “apparent” ..    does it need to be there?           does @kerzis appear on bing?
    They Tweet For Godot
           (online now)
am i 
hearst ..?
  why did Author of Lift’s little xBox billy “encourage” others to “fight”..  ?