“encouraging individual cerebralism since 1967”



  How to Make The Most of Your 

Summer Reading And Such 601

          This is a progressive course on how to analyze what you read and such, taught by Professor Butterfly.

                     Day 1 : Subversive Suggestion thru Coercive Implication:

                                 Presentational Patterns in Cyclical Programming.                           


                    GoodMorning: please take a moment to read these tweets while i find my chalk

          ( im not challenging you. nor am  i trying to... convince you.. if youre tired, enjoy a nap)


         Day 2: How To Make Do Without Green Marble Walls.   

dont be mad, .. just put @kerzis and the superior science & art of /GrannybotUniversity on your website.





                                 ( The Radcliffe DJ )


          screen shot from a slideshow lecture at the university of glasgow    by john baez



   (my cat only spoke broken raccoon for its longest time,, it sounds like a mix between a dolphin and a pig)

                                         it’s not your basic “meow”


                                            like penrose.. im not a believer in “The Big Rip”..

         i look forward to finding and reading mr penrose’s 1989 book “ The Emperor’s New Mind”..

      ( not to discredit mr penrose; that book could be better than he thinks it is, which is  a credit )

update:  it will be here in a week.. all 480 pages  that will better describe his idea of consciousness..  


   my idea of “new age” is tapping the enter button on this keyboard and peck-out something else..

    it was the power of hokey honky teamwork  that made bob dylan a noble prize winner.,

  ( think about the amount of energy it took TeamIdiot to cast The UN’s WWIII as Climate Change. )

  i can say it took a lot less effort & money for TeamIdiot (UN) to deem DMPA “safe” in AIDS infected regions


but im thinking about changing the word cast to forge.

                       ( no, im not a blacksmith.. )


        They Tweet For Godot