“..Pinker who? .. Spoiler Alert !

Chapter III is a Categoric Dancehall BlockMender.

  An undeniable and riveting read,

  The Beavs & Coug Fans Are One in The Same..

it turns its own pages..i tried to put it down..

but it floated around the room like a plastic bag on the freeway

  (true uncontrollable suspense)..”


“once again, The Grannybots proved rollingstone.com to be worthless..”


               (on behalf of Grandma Jones & the Fireworks of Clarence Gatemouth Brown)

                   Chapter 9/11

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do you think “congrats” is in order,, bill?. and if so.. shall i guess that order of hokius grace?



        Gaydracula’s Gathered Moss Press..

             kerzis should be on bing, bill...



           $2million hilton humanitarian dollars paid out to a TEDtalker,,

                and youre echoing kristof’s “congrats”..?

         what was pulitzer kristof’s report on dengvaxia?

                            el zilcho.. the big nada

                    does that make him a winner too?


                im content in my ‘winnings’ = $2 dollars

    & kristofs silence on syria makes his bible blab worse..

       to what lengths of suppressing factual science will u go

to keep kerzis’s page about dengvaxia from appearing on bing?


       all of my internettzar pages dont show up on bing either.

            bing does not make logical sense. it’s dangerous.



                                  im going to get coffee.

                                             im back


which headline is most likely to cause a mass destruction

  1. 1.blah blah blah, @reuters       

2. “US says China blah blah .super aggressive.”

  1. 3.hm.. adler strikes again!

the term “Free Press” harkens to the days of ‘articles about werewolves in the french alps.

       everyone knows that liberte is the french word  for freedom.. itoday is  sept 2, 2018



                                im a single entity.

                                im a nondividual


                     what say u, kristof?

       #TweetForGodot is an interesting piece

Hm.. im not sure who “us” is..

But it’s all about bill’s facade.


Cheer up, Sir Walrus.

everyone can agree: bill should let @kerzis be on bing. so, study his tweets..

the bezos/bill #TweetForGodotShow beats joaquin phoenix twitch.tv anyday

                      .. and it’s free. (with an internet connection.)

im done with twitter for 2018 ..i will probably do something there on 3/31/2019

click on the pic for an @ItsSabadoHere tune

           PS. enjoy your baby time, madge.

     and dont give the baby it to hillary’s village.

the clinton and gates foundations are at a LionKing level of science.

imagine a world w/ 2 (...) huge egos clambering to deny that.

exactly, you dont have to imagine it. it’s their religion.

   they’ll claim the founding fathers had flubber in mind

200 years before that fake scientific discovery hit the silver screen.

    they’ll embrace ill gathered policies,, when The Allegory of The Cave is misconstrued.

  but those outside of their Wacko Lion King Resistance Party know that is not honorable.

those outside of the LionKing Resistance adhere to the principled policy of The Allegory.

the economy/jobs under obama was all about apps & flubber.

     im guessing that registering an air bnb app was considered a job.

and uber drivers out the wazoo was a memorable jobs boom. eh.

  having peeps download apps isnt really job creation, in my book.

  your guest couldve brought up those obvious facts up, i think, madge.

     obama’s still tweeting about people making apps.

he’s ready to state that apps are the cornerstones of flakey simulation that his founding fathers envisioned.

and maybe his founding netflix fathers did envision that construct of the hokey for him to live by,,

but he has also stated that he went wrong by becoming a lawyer instead of  an architect (5/2/18)

the root of the crisis on todays planet earth is none other than the lion king ’94.

  kerzis and Grandma Jones arent allowed in the obama digital library or bing

and out of work twerkers like myself are writing books. really great books tho

oh i can still light up a dance floor..but i dont get paid like i did in the obama yrs

      my milkshake can still bring the boys to the yard,, that’s a given fact ,,

     a murderous filmcrew like kirkstall road productions is a prime example

        i could go out and march about the weather .. but that just isnt me..

     plz tell @dark_shark im not making music in his dangerous Flash app

                                      thank you.

  everybody else click on the madge vid for her

questions to a guest about the sept 4th nytimes.



“and on the 9th day (sept 9th )

Gaydracula went to get more coffee”


                                                       - tery